1st Timers

Start your indoor cycling journey today. We are excited to meet you!

Create an account with SpartanSpin through MindBody. You can then book directly through their app or our website.

Gettin ready for class:

  • Fuel up! Eat a light snack and hydrate 30-60 minutes before class (fruit, nuts, protein bar etc.)
  • Bring a bottle of water, wear comfortable clothes and bring a clean pair of shoes or your cycling shoes…Either is fine.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class. We’ll get you checked in and properly set up on the bike. You are gonna crush it.
  • A restroom is available if you need to change at the studio. Cubbies are available to store your keys and outdoor shoes.

During Class:

  • Have fun, jam to the tunes and do you!
  • Your instructor will provide cues and demonstrate what is coming up on the ride. If you’re not comfortable adding gear or standing during your ride…..That’s OK!! It’s your ride.
  • We are all in different places in our fitness journey. We are here to support you with your goals.
  • We are an inclusive, judgment free zone!