Fitness Goals

At Spartan Spin our goal is help you achieve your fitness goals. The average 45 minute indoor cycling class burns an average of 450 calories! If your goal is to shed some weight,  you are in the right place. The current exercise guidelines for adults recommend 150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week (That would be the equivalent of 3 or 4, 45 minutes classes/week).

Is that all it takes to lose weight? Not for most of us.  We are all unique.  Some of you may lose weight by adding exercise to your routine.   Most of us will also need to improve our food choices.  Think of what you eat as fuel for your body.

I  recommend  two tips regarding diet:  One, complete a food diary for at least a week.  Tracking what you eat allows you see where to make small changes. Sometimes some small changes can make a big difference.  My second recommendation is doing meal prep.  You can find all kinds of meal prep ideas online.   This allows you to have healthy food options available when you’re hungry and short on time during the week.

Also, find an accountability partner.  Do you have a friend with similar goals?  Team up to share meal ideas.  Send each other your food diary at the end of the day.  Text each other when you workout.  Or, hey workout together!  The support helps!!

Remember: Fitness is a journey.  There will be times when life gets in the way of your fitness routine.  That’s OK.  If you are consistent with your diet and exercise you will “Move the Needle” toward improved health goals.  You can do it!  Questions or feedback?  Please reach out to me at